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Industry applications

What is induction heating and how can it work for your business.

Induction heating tools and equipment

Induction heating tools are indispensable across a multitude of industries, providing tailored solutions for various applications. This technology’s ability to generate controlled heat within electrically conductive materials without direct contact offers unparalleled precision.

Key benefits:

  • The danger of ignition of fuel vapour or gas is greatly reduced.
  • The Mini-Ductor hand-held tools can be used at height without the danger of falling sparks thus reducing necessity of a large exclusion zone around the work site.
  • When working within the 500m exclusion zone of a platform there is no requirement to shut down UV sensors on the platform that would be required with oxy acetylene or the use of a grinder.
  • Induction heating is many times more environmentally friendly than other heat sources that require the burning of fossil fuels.
  • When working in confined areas the tools can be used without fear of a build-up of dangerous gasses, as would be the case with a heating torch.
  • The tools can direct heat in a very localized area reducing the necessity for the precautions necessary with a naked flame.
  • The tools are self-contained, requiring only a power lead, this is unlike the use of a heating torch. This reduces trip hazards and the danger of damage to flexible hoses and the uncontrolled escape of explosive gasses.
  • Minimal training for the use of the tool is required, unlike the use of oxy acetylene.
  • There’s no danger of monoxide poisoning due to faulty gas heating equipment.


Fast, safe and damage-free removal of stubborn nuts and bolts, exterior trim, bonding, vinyl graphics, glass and more. We supply the ideal garage tools for use by crash and body repair shops, MOT and service engineers, larger purchasers with commercial fleets and roadside recovery companies.

If you’re looking for the ideal tool to give you speed, consistency and control, then ask for a demo and trial of The Inductor® flameless heating tool range.

Oil and Gas

Induction heating offers efficiency, safety, precision, adaptability, and environmental advantages for various applications in the offshore industry.

The technology is capable of producing heat for the purpose of freeing seized bolts and fittings without producing a naked flame. Its ability to provide rapid and controlled heating while minimising distortion and damage makes it a valuable technology for offshore operations.

Compared to traditional heating methods, such as open flames or resistance heating, induction heating can significantly reduce energy consumption, leading to cost savings.

Renewable Energy

State-of-the-art induction heating equipment designed to deliver exceptional performance, precision, and productivity.

In time-sensitive and potentially hazardous environments, efficiency and safety is crucial. Whether it’s for weld preheating, post-weld heat treatment, stress relieving, or other heating processes, we have the right tool for your needs.


Enhancing Farm Equipment Repair with Induction Heating

Experience the remarkable efficiency and safety of the Mini-Ductor range of tools, designed to liberate ferrous metal parts swiftly, specifically tailored for farmers. By employing induction heat, the Mini-Ductor effortlessly releases metals from rust, corrosion, thread lock compounds, fertiliser, and dirt within seconds. With this cutting-edge tool, bolts and bearings on combines, sprayers, tractors, and other machinery can be safely and efficiently freed, eliminating the risks associated with using an open flame.

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