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What is the Inductor and how does it work?

Today's vehicles are assembled with adhesives. As you know, not only body side mouldings and decals, but even windows and some body panels are held in place with adhesives. Many, if not most, body shop operations require R&I of these parts. The INDUCTOR® family of Flameless TM heat tools empowers the technician to do FAST R&I of any part that is bonded to a metal structure and in many cases lets you save the part. The INDUCTOR® is a high frequency electromagnet that heats only metal objects (or objects containing metal) when they come into close proximity of Inductor's magnetic field located at the ends of the applicators (Fast Off® pad, Concentrator® and Glass Blaster®). The magnetic field goes right through non-metals like glass and trim and HEATS THE METAL UNDERNEATH!

What can I use the Inductor for?

Basically anything that is adhered to metal with adhesives can be easily removed by heating the metal with the magnetic field from INDUCTOR®, which in turn softens the adhesive and releases its bond. Unlike using oxy/acetylene torches the Inductor also lets you heat metal in tight areas without the extreme need to remove plastic shields that may be in close proximity of the area being heated. Instantly pre-heat cold metal to install adhesive stripes, mouldings, etc... no need to wait! The uses are endless!

What are the benefits of your In-Line connector and Pneumatic Foot Switch?

CONNECTOR: Normally most maufacturers use a panel mount connector for their accessories. The problem with a panel mount connector is tug damage to the connector from the user, especially when it is tugged from the side. This puts a lot of stress on the connectors and causes damage. By placing the connector In-Line not only do you avoid the damage created by a sideways tug but it also gives the user better control for ease of making the connection. FOOT SWITCH: In the automotive environment, especially in Body Shops it's not unusual to find dirt or moisture on the floor which could damage or mal-function an electrical switch. Induction Innovations uses a Pneumatic Foot Pedal to activate a switch inside the power supply where it is protected from the elements, ensuring more reliable trouble free use.

Can the Inductor harm a car's computer?

Your car's computer is encased in a metal box which protects the electronics from the magnetic field. Once the magnetic field hits the outer surface of the metal it stops there, the field does not go through the metal. The effective magnetic field of any of the attachments at best is approximately 2.5". Between these two factors computers are pretty well protected.

What is the benefit with the Inductor Glass Blaster over traditional glass removal techniques?

Traditional glass removal technique's like glass knives, vibrating knives, or piano wire pose problems of collateral damage. One slip with a vibrating knife and you can scratch the paint, cut the encapsulation, scratch the black masking, or even worse break the window. The inductor releases the adhesive bond of the urethane at the pinch weld, eliminating the possibility of collateral damage. Glass knifes also have consumable blades that need to be replaced often. The Inductor Glass Blaster has no consumable parts. Traditional techniques require the technician to remove the interior trim panel. The Inductor removes the window from the exterior of the car. Many of today's modern vehicle windows are made with deep pockets and curves that knives cannot reach, lips that don't allow blades to be inserted, or areas near impossible to get near without collateral damage. The Inductor allows the user to hurdle over all these complications with ease.

Can the Inductor Break Glass?

The Inductor only heats metal. Therefore, when used according to the instruction manual it cannot break glass.

Can it damage the E-coat?

If you follow the instructions and proper use for the Inductor you will not damage the E-coat. Over heating to a temperature that can damage the E-coat would have to be intentional in a professionals hands. One would need to turn the metal red hot to achieve this.

Why do you refer to your equipment as High Performance?

The INDUCTORS Unique High Performance Inverters are designed to harness wasted energy that is normally dissipated through large massive heat sinks typically found in more primitive designs. This redirected energy is added to the work load (i.e. sheet metal, nuts, bolts, bearings...etc) giving the user more actual working power on the output end. Others may claim more power however none truly compare.

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