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The G2-1 Cup Warmer is a stylish product, made from high quality materials, that efficiently pre-warms cups for use.


The G2-1 Cup Warmer allows the perfect cup of coffee or tea to be enjoyed

Cup warmers are essential for ensuring hot beverages reach the customer at the optimum temperature. Inductive Logic’s stylish G2-1 commercial Cup Warmer is made from high quality materials and efficiently pre-warms cups for use.

Constructed using brushed stainless steel and glass, with three storage shelves, the cup warmer accepts a range of different cup sizes, from espresso to latte.

The open fronted design allows easy access and plenty of cup capacity too; up to 100 espresso cups (diam. 60mm) or 60 coffee cups (diam. 80mm) can be heated.

This makes the G2-1 ideal for use bars, cafés, bistros, restaurants and even offices and conference rooms.

Height 456 mm
Width 310 mm
Depth 410 mm
Weight (excluding cups) 15kg
Power supply 220-240 v / 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 300 w
Environment (operation & storage) 30%-80% rH / 5°C – 45° C
Number of shelves 3
Maximum cup capacity per shelf 12 Latte, 24 Standard, 40
Cup Temperature 35°C – 40°

A stylish design that’s easy to clean
The simple, clean design of the G2-1 Cup Warmer, and its brushed stainless steel and glass construction, make it a stylish addition to any counter. The machine is also very easy to clean and maintain.


Pays for itself
Using the G2-1 Cup Warmer saves staff time and effort, allowing more hot beverages to be sold to customers. This allows for greater efficiencies and increased profit for the user.

Energy efficient and silent electric Cup Warmer
Coffee, tea cups and glasses are heated by three modern heating elements, integrated into the shelves. These elements are highly energy efficient and run silently, so there’s minimum impact on the environment whilst the machine is used.

Temperature controlled
The G2-1 Cup Warmer is set to a constant, recommended 42˚C, but can be adjusted, if necessary, up to 46˚C.

High capacity Cup Warmer – ideal for places where people drink hot beverages

  1. Espresso cups:
    Single stacked - 20 per shelf
    Double stacked - 40 per shelf (double stacking is not recommend on the top shelf)
  2. Coffee cups:
    Single stacked - 12 per shelf
    Double stacked - 24 per shelf (double stacking is not recommended on the top shelf)
  3. Latte Glasses:
    Single stack only - 12 per shelf

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