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Command the power of Invisible Heat with the INDUCTOR® product range.

The INDUCTOR® product range, from US company Induction Innovations, Inc. is an innovative and high performance inductive heating solution. .

The range includes the user-friendly Mini-Ductor® handheld unit (available in 230V, 110V and 12V versions) and the Pro-Max™ 2kw trolley or work bench mounted inverter. Both are CE marked.

These easy-to-use tools use high frequency magnetic fields that create Invisible Heat®. This makes them ideal for the automotive aftermarket, bodyshops, industrial, engineering, construction and marine industries.

Inductive Logic is the UK agent and distributor for these innovative products from Induction Innovations, Inc.

Mini-Ductor® Venom™ Mini Ductor - Induction Heating Tool

The exciting, newly designed and highly innovative version of the Mini-Ductor®, the Venom™ was launched in the UK in autumn 2016. It delivers a new evolution of induction heating, based on user experience, feedback and manufacturer expertise.

Venom™ includes the following enhancements:

• Angled Design with Trigger: Venom’s lightweight, ergonomic design allows for induction heat to access hard to reach places easily
• Coil Twist Lock™: coils lock down with one simple turn (no more thumb screws). Venom™ works with all Mini-Ductor coils
• LED Usage Indicator: a Red LED will light under fault conditions and Green LED lights while the trigger is active and the tool is heating properly
• Fault Override Delay: any event that causes the Red LED to illuminate will protect the tool by starting a three second lock out
• Fan Operation Enhancements: the fan continues to run after the trigger is released to aid thermal cycle time reduction and will stay powered when the thermal switch opens to help cool the tool
• User Controlled LED Switch: as long as the tool is powered and the internal power supply is operating, the LED will remain lit when the switch is on
• Two Year Parts & Labour Warranty

For more information, or a quotation, call 01953 859138 or email

The Mini-Ductor® II (MD-800) Mini Ductor - Induction Heating Tool

This handheld tool is ideal for quickly releasing corroded and bonded hardware, frozen nuts and bolts, O2 sensors, track rod ends, bearings, pulleys and other hardware that are rusted/thread-locked into place.

The tool is rugged, lightweight and made with military grade plastics for long-term durability. Its ergonomic design reduces user fatigue and also features a non-slip grenade grip for greasy hands and an LED light to illuminate work surfaces.

For more information, or a quotation, call 01953 859138 or email

The powerful Pro-Max® (P/N PM-20000)Pro-Max - Induction HEating Tool

Comes with various attachments: the Glass Blaster® for removing glass, including windshields, which can be removed in under 15 minutes without breaking, plus bonded SMC panels and spray-on bedliners; the Fast-Off Pad® for removing adhesive trim, vinyl graphics and decals; and the Concentrator® for removing seized/rusted hardware in seconds and shrinking/removal of soft bodywork dents.

For more information, or a quotation, call 01953 859138 or email

Safe, efficient removal of bonded parts

The flameless invisible heat, created by high frequency magnetic fields, heats parts in seconds, allowing for all types of adhesives bonded to metal and seized hardware to be removed and released much quicker than by traditional naked flame heating, reducing collateral damage to nearby components.

To cope with a variety of heating needs, different types of bendable coils can be attached to the unit to fit the problem part and these can be usefully shaped to fit into hard to reach crevices and tight spots.

Induction heating does not heat rubber, plastic or glass and ferrous metal parts heat up very quickly, with less damage, because the heat is localised on the part and not the surrounding area.

Operator safety is increased

By using the INDUCTOR® tools workshop operators are kept safer too, with a heavily reduced risk from fire, explosions or toxic fumes, caused by traditional open flame heating methods.

A great return on investment

Apart from the increased safety benefits the use of induction heating tools can increase a garage’s productivity because downtime is minimized, parts can be re-used and insurance premiums are reduced if gas bottles are not used on site:

Productivity is increased -
The INDUCTOR® tools heat parts very quickly, allowing for a much quicker and easier removal vs using a naked flame, productivity is increased. Rob Hawker, from Sykes Pickavant, says, “This innovative tool can increase a garage’s productivity by over 50% because downtime is minimised.”

And because the tools are ergonomically designed, operator fatigue is reduced, helping to improve productivity.

Parts can be re-used –
The removal of parts by the tool often enables undamaged parts to be re used – an extremely cost effective alternative to expensive replacements – a factor vehicle damage repair estimators can take into consideration as this could lead to repairs being less costly for customers, without hitting profitability.

A solution to landlords barring gas bottles on site -
Many garages rent their premises and landlords do not allow gas bottles on site, so the INDUCTOR® tools provide a useful, viable and economical alternative.

Insurance premiums are reduced -
According to Rob Hawker, on average it costs around £300 a year extra on insurance premiums to have gas bottles on site and £150 a year to rent gas bottles for a regular garage workshop. If INDUCTOR® tools are used, that’s a saving of approximately £450 a year.  

Full pre and after sales, servicing, repairs and marketing

As agents and distributors of the INDUCTOR® products, Inductive Logic provide:

  • Pre and after sales product support, including training and usage advice
  • Servicing
  • Warranty and non-warranty repairs
  • Marketing and PR promotion in key trade press

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